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Katie Davis

Katie Davis is a talented sophomore currently playing for Volunteer State Community College. As a freshman for the pioneers, Katie showcased her skills as a left fielder and ended the season with an impressive batting average of 404. Known for her versatility, Katie is both an outfielder and a slapper.

Katie’s high school career was centered around Austin High School in the Huntsville, Alabama area. Her exceptional performance on the field earned her recognition as one of the top 20 outfielders in the state. She received honors such as all-conference, all-area, and first team acknowledgments. Additionally, Katie demonstrated her athleticism by participating in basketball, softball, and volleyball, excelling in each sport. Her outstanding abilities led her to achieve all-state, all-county, and all-area accolades across these disciplines.

Beyond her athletic pursuits, Katie is currently pursuing a degree in social work. Her passion lies in supporting student athletes who face mental health challenges, an area she deeply cares about. Through her studies, she aspires to make a positive impact in the lives of student athletes struggling with their mental well-being. With her exceptional skills, dedication to athletics, and commitment to social work, Katie Davis is a remarkable individual ready to make a difference on and off the field.

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