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Unleash Your Arm Strength: Join Our Arm Strengthening Program at On Deck!

Attention all baseball players ages 14 and up! Are you looking to take your throwing game to new heights? Look no further than our Throwers Strength Program at On Deck in Gallatin, TN. From November through January, we're offering an intensive 12-week program to boost your arm strength and improve your overall performance on the field. Let's dive into the details!

Location, Dates, and Times: Join us at On Deck, located at 215 James St., Gallatin, TN 37066, for this exciting program. The training sessions will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 PM and Saturdays at 8 AM, starting in November and running through January.

Orientation and Physical Assessment Day: Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 21st, at 8 AM for the Orientation and Physical Assessment Day. This session will help us tailor the program to your specific needs and assess your baseline strength parameters.

All Positions Welcome: Regardless of your position on the field, this program is designed to benefit players of all positions. Whether you're a pitcher, infielder, outfielder, or catcher, our Throwers Strength Program will help you unlock your full potential.

Benefits of the Program: Our program offers a wide range of benefits to enhance your throwing abilities and overall performance:

  1. Individualized Training: We track your strength parameters through the range of motion to develop a tailored program for optimal results.

  2. Kinetic Chain Optimization: Learn the positive energy transfer through the kinetic chain, a vital aspect of effective pitching.

  3. Arm Strength Testing: Baseline and periodic testing of arm strength components will help you understand your kinetic sequence better.

  4. Arm Health Monitoring: By measuring arm fatigue, we ensure injury prevention and deliver superior training.

  5. Thorough Testing: Baseline and follow-up tests include internal/external rotation, scaption, grip, vertical leap, standing broad jump, and lateral leap.

Comprehensive Workouts: Our program offers a complete range of workouts to boost your arm strength and overall performance:

  1. Dynamic Warmup: Proper warmup techniques to prepare your body for optimal performance.

  2. Strength, Mobility, and Flexibility Training: Improve your flexibility and range of motion to enhance your throws.

  3. Mechanics and Footwork: Perfect your pitching mechanics and footwork to deliver powerful throws.

  4. Visualization and Proprioception: Enhance your mental focus and body awareness for precise throws.

  5. Specialized Drills: Utilize med ball drills, plyo ball training, crossover symmetry band training, and loop band training to refine your skills.

  6. Structured Bullpens: Get hands-on experience with structured bullpens to refine your technique.

Cost and Registration: The Throwers Strength Program costs $720 for 12 weeks, including a total of 36 sessions. Secure your spot by registering online at or joining us in person on Orientation and Physical Assessment Day.

Join us for the Throwers Strength Program at On Deck and unlock your arm's true potential. With our comprehensive workouts and personalized training, you'll see significant improvements in your throwing abilities, arm strength, and overall performance on the field. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your game and take your throws to the next level! See you on the field!

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