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Garrett Bruce

Garrett Bruce stands as a testament to a lifelong love affair with baseball. Hailing from Rancho Cucamonga, California, Garrett dedicated 13 years to honing his skills on the diamond before making a pivotal move to Gallatin, TN in 2021. In his high school years at Gallatin High School, Garrett showcased his versatility as a Pitcher and Shortstop, earning the titles Most Valuable Pitcher and All-District Player in 2022.

Post-high school, Garrett seamlessly transitioned to the next chapter of his academic and athletic journey at Volunteer State Community College. As a freshman pitcher and outfielder, he's making strides on the field and delving into the world of Exercise Science, a major he's passionate about. Garrett aspires to leverage the knowledge gained through his academic pursuits to focus on the health and well-being of young players' arms and bodies—an admirable goal born from a desire to give back to the game that shaped him.

Beyond his own growth, Garrett is driven by the aspiration to share his love and understanding of baseball with the next generation. Currently contributing his expertise to Victory Baseball and coaching individual lessons at On Deck, Garrett embraces coaching as a platform to pass on his accumulated invaluable knowledge. In Garrett Bruce, we see not just a player but a budding mentor dedicated to shaping the future of the game he holds close to his heart.

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